Prayers like Shoes
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Prayers Like Shoes

Whit Press, in partnership with Hedgebrook, is proud to present this magnificent new collection of poetry from highly acclaimed writer and poet Ruth Forman.

"Ruth Forman's wisdom, humor and grace brighten every page of Prayers Like Shoes. Here are the cadences of a woman's true speech rising into a poetry of deep love and warning, loss and survival, building toward a scriptural lyric that leads the reader through the darkness of our times and into an opening of necessary recognition and gratitude. I heard her beautiful voice on every page."
–Carolyn Forché

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Young Cornrows Callin Out the Moon

Who needs a backyard when you've got brownstone steps, double dutch, and freeze tag beneath the sizzling summer sun? The jingling bell of the ice cream truck mingles with laughter and sidewalk rhymes. Frosty lemonade from the corner store and tight cornrows beat the heat with style. There's nothing like summer in the city when you've got friends, family, and imagination to keep you company.

Ruth Forman, whose work has been honored by the American Library Association, offers a poetic testament to childhood, language, and play. Cbabi Bayoc's richly hued paintings bring the streets of South Philadelphia to vivid life. Young Cornrows Callin Out the Moon is celebration of city summer memories, and of African American culture and community.

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Renaissance, Ruth Forman’s second collection, speaks of the timeless themes of family, death, love, and rebirth in the inimitable voice Booklist called “sexy, bittersweet, funny, feisty, and real.” With poetry that conveys a defiant, enlivened spirit and has won her acclaim, Ruth Forman measures the losses and celebrates the future of a generation.

We Are The Young Magicians

“In these pages you will find the sensuality of an Alice Walker, the revolutionary fervor of a June Jordan, the mule-stubbornness of a Zora Neale Hurston.” –Cherrie Moraga


Work in the following anthologies:

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